Bridge Crane & CNC Millwright Project

Project Overview

An engineer that was involved with our original work of building this client’s plant contacted us for a millwright and rigging project. Based on our success with setting up the facility for them, they knew JDI could do more to help expand their operations.

Task Description

  • The project called for JDI to move 5 crates into the facility, one of which was a lightweight bridge crane connected to a saw system. The team would require a 15k and an 8k forklift to handle the weight; each crate weighed over 8,000 pounds, something that the manufacturer of the machinery couldn’t move for the plant. The client had two crates come in on two different days, one of which called for a spreader bar to allow the millwright team to pick up the 32ft wide freight. This load and size required JDI to employ our certified rigger to coordinate and ensure the loads could move safely, which then allowed our millwrights to move the crates off the truck and into the facility. We then skated the machinery across the manufacturer’s floor and 300 ft into final placement.
  • The millwright project allowed the manufacturer’s machine installer to erect and put everything into place with no hassle, and with everything intact.


The manufacturer of the machinery originally planned for six truckloads to be shipped over 3 consecutive days, but the client was able to get the logistics sorted into just two days. In turn, JDI gave the client 20% back on the entire contract value because of the shortened timeline.

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