Setting The Standard in Industrial Innovation

With over 25 years of experience, we continue to expand our reach serving many industries. We’ve got in-house experts and connections across our network which allow us to continue to innovate and serve as many industries as possible.

Industry Sectors

Staying At The Forefront of Your Industry

The JDI Industrial team works hard to provide passionate service to these industries. We’re determined to remain the experts in industrial services by staying at the forefront of industry advancements.


Automotive & Aerospace Manufacturing

From automotive manufacturers working with parts, processes, transfer cases, and body panels to turbo and EV battery production, our team can provide the solutions you need.


Agricultural & Food Production

Ensuring food-grade oil refineries, meat processors, dry/frozen goods manufacturers, and pharma producers are set up for success to meet necessary FDA and USDA compliance requirements.



Without effectively operating healthcare facilities, the livelihood of our communities would be at risk. JDI Industrial is more than equipped to take on facility maintenance and other services to keep your facility serving others.


Chemical and Processing

From precious metal refineries and chemical producers to raw earth element producers and additives manufacturing, our team is able to provide the necessary solutions to keep your facilities moving.



Our team understands the textile process and the importance of efficient development, production, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. We deliver the results you need to keep spinning.


Paper Mills

We provide capital services on an as-needed basis for pulp mills, recycling facilities, and finished product facilities. We can ensure your product lines keep rolling as efficiently as possible.

power plant

Power Generation & Distribution

From nuclear and hydro to gas and coal, our experienced team provides the expertise and services needed to keep your facilities running safely and effectively.

industrial robot

Electronics, Appliances, & Robotics

In the electronics industry precision and efficiency are vital. Our team will ensure your capacitor systems, battery producers, appliance makers, electrical panels, and bus bar systems are all in place and effectively running.


Materials & Manufacturing

Our team delivers solutions to keep ceramic, heavy metal, and metal finishing and fabrication plants running smoothly so they can keep producing their end products.

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