Industrial Maintenance

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Let our team handle the critical preventative maintenance and machine repairs to keep your facility rolling. We know you’re juggling outages and unplanned maintenance demands. Whether you need a task-based or crew-based solution, we’ll customize a plan for your maintenance needs and keep you on track.

Maintenance Service Options
    Our tradesmen become part of your team to offset any gaps you’re struggling with. Whether you need someone to fill-in short or long-term on your maintenance team or project, we can provide the right individuals with the proper industrial skills to maintain success on your day to day operations.
    JDI will be there to take on the things you don’t have time for like changing filters, oil and other mechanical tasks.
    Tell us the task and we can get it done. We’ll align with your team to take on anything. Your project might be a bit out of the box for most service partners, but we can figure out how to meet expectations. We’re here to be your service partner.
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Common Maintenance Needs
    Often a temp-to-hire agency can’t fulfill your needs. As a self-performing industrial services company, JDI has over 10 trades that we can bring in to alleviate your maintenance stresses. Each maintenance tech we assign to you is an experienced and skilled tradesman so minimal training is required.
    Emergencies come up and sometimes things break unexpectedly. We’ll be on staff or on-call to take care of the problem.
    We deliver the work you need on time and within the window you give us. JDI has an excellent track record at keeping clients on schedule.
    When you need to take the production line down to fix or upgrade it, we’ll provide the crew you need to get your scheduled tasks complete on time.

Industrial Maintenance Projects

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