Baffle Fabrication and Replacement


Project Overview

This paper manufacturer is one of the largest producers of books in the United States and a leading manufacturer and distributor of magazines, catalogs, office products, and school commemorative products. Like many manufacturers and producers in the paper industry, their facility takes a lot of wear and tear over time and needs maintenance and services. JDI was tasked to replace the baffles at their facility to ensure their systems could properly filter their end product.

This project request began with a tank that filters carbon (air runs through the carbon, and the carbon soaks up the ink from the printing process), which left the flooring, screening, and baffles inside the tanks deteriorated from long-term exposure. The process required us to get inside and cut out the old components and weld new 16” sheets of carbon metal to the seams of the tank. This required the removal of all access covers from the existing tank. Because this was a confined space, we had to bring a coppus forced-air fan to feed oxygen into the opening to provide the crew with clean, breathable air. To place the crew into the tanks, we had to provide a confined space tripod man winch to bring them in and out.

Tasks Included

  • Cut existing baffle out between existing 2″x2″ bracing and dispose
  • Cleaning and prep for new 1/4″ cold roll plate steel
  • Install new 1/4″ plate at approx. 16″ width
  • Plate welded to existing 2″x2″ bracing
  • Baffle seams welded solid
  • Successful water testing to verify sealed joints were properly done


The five-man JDI Industrial crew completed the work on four tanks, making JDI the first company to be able to take care of the work and meet the client’s budget and scope needs.

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