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Our team can handle necessary concrete demolition in preparation for a project’s next steps. From pads, dike walls, sumps and foundations to pits, trench drains, walkways and equipment grouting, we’ve got the experience and resources to get it done. We also offer rebar fabrication, excavation, forming and anchors.

Concrete Services
    Building and machine foundations are critical components in your construction and engineering projects. Trust JDI to provide structural support and stability along with equipment and machinery.
    We create dike walls constructed of reinforced concrete, providing protection to prevent overflow and contain excess fluids. Feel confident that your concrete flood walls are durable and reliable for your industrial project.
    We specialize in creating industrial environment sumps and pits used to collect and manage water, wastewater, or other fluids for various purposes. JDI’s concrete team plays a critical role in flood control, wastewater management, environmental protection, and infrastructure resilience.
    We perform concrete cutting and boring work in our construction, renovation, and infrastructure projects, allowing for precise modification and creation of openings in concrete structures. Proper equipment, safety protocols, and environmental considerations are crucial to JDI for safe and effective execution of these techniques.
    JDI Industrial provides trench drains, also known as channel drains or linear drains, to meet your specialized drainage systems needs. We ensure they can collect and convey surface water runoff in various applications.
    Concrete walkways and paths are popular choices for pedestrian surfaces due to their durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. They can be found in our projects providing safe and accessible routes for pedestrians around our client’s facilities.
    JDI can perform equipment grouting to fill the gaps, voids, and spaces under structural columns and machinery.
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