Manway Entrance Installation

Steel Erection & Concrete Cutout

Manway Project

Bollard and Plate Installation

Project Overview

JDI originally began working for this client in their Eastern Georgia location, and the projects grew from a few drawings into major work. We began based on an approved vendor listing and were vetted as the right contractor for the job. Over a five month period from May to October, JDI Industrial Services was contracted to do 25 total projects for this client.

One of those projects was the recently completed manway. The manufacturer had struggled to maintain and pump out the wastewater room area underneath their paper machine press. JDI was tasked to create a manway door that would provide safe, secure access in a confined space, and install safety barriers in front of it to protect maintenance staff when servicing the room in the active work area.

JDI began the work with pre-fabrication of the steel parts from our in-house fabrication shop. The on-site crew then set, bolted, and welded the metal plates into place around the future door opening. Afterwards they cut the opening for where the manway would be installed, welded the door frame into place, and then filled back in the gaps between concrete and the manway door.

The crew then installed the manway door, placed concrete bollards with steel casings, and installed 3/8″ steel plates by welding them to the bollards. The finishing touches of safety yellow were added at the end to create high visibility for the machine operators frequently coming into the area.

Tasks Included

  • Installed Pre-Fabricated Steel Package
  • Cut opening in concrete wall to provide access
  • Welded Manway Door Frame into place
  • Grouted around the Manway frame to fill-in gaps
  • Installed Manway Door
  • Installed four concrete bollards and 3/8″ steel plates
  • Painted bollards and plates


We were complimented on our ability to understand their processes, be proactive, and go above and beyond to deliver and keep the plant efficient with the manway access. The client hadn’t been able to access the area properly since the plant was created 50+ years ago until JDI completed this project.

The JDI team members who worked on this led the project to completion, not just through hard work and expertise, but also by establishing relationships with the manufacturer’s managers and employees at the company.

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