Chilled Water System Relocation & Piping

Project Overview

In 2023 we were asked to erect and build out a 5000 SF pre-engineered metal building to house our electronics client’s new washing treatment system. But before we could begin this job, we had to relocate the client’s chiller system to a new concrete pad that we placed.

We began reinstallation project with our team cutting the old chilled water lines to separate the chiller, and fabricated new cast-iron lines. Prior to our crane’s arrival, we readied the chiller with rigging, and installed the new process piping in its new location to be able to quick connect the system. Once the crane arrived into place, we then lifted the chiller and moved it over within a matter of minutes to its new permanent location. After the rigging team made sure everything was squared and set, the process pipe team then connected the new chilled water pipes to the chiller, completing the work.

The client was able to minimize downtime to just a few hours and was back to producing their components because of our efforts. The plant manager loves our ability to align with the client’s needs and understand the scope of work, and calls us each month to take on new projects.

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