Facility Canteen Masonry Project 1

Project Overview

Our Oconee client’s staff need a place to relax and refresh, and making the right space in the right place makes all the difference.

This client contracted us to add a new canteen and change the layout of their 2nd plant in the Oconee County area, and to do that it would require a bit of demolition and block work to create it. By building the new canteen in this area of the plant, it reduces the plant’s workers from having to cross forklift paths, which keeps them safe, and doesn’t take as long to get staff back to their productions.

To prepare the sitework, the client cleared the new canteen area’s former production floor, and then JDI’s masons created a dust barrier to protect their operations from our work. We then began by squaring and prepping to the existing foundation and walls, followed by the masonry team building the walls block by block, and finally, painted in preparation for sealing out any moisture and ready for power and water lines.

The total time it took to go vertical for the new canteen was three days, with inspections, for an 8′ tall 70 LF space. This client is happy to have our trowels on their side, and regularly calls JDI to take on their projects.


The client is able to keep their 24/7 staff safe, efficient, and refreshed daily because of this concrete masonry project. Having us create a structure that is better placed to give their staff peace and quiet, and a place to gather and catch a break, has been vital to keeping their teams safe and comfortable.

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