Packaging Line Installation

Electrical Panel Installation

Pack Line Installation

Project Overview

JDI originally began working for this client in their Eastern Georgia location, and the project grew from a few drawings into major work. We began based on an approved vendor listing and were vetted as the right contractor for the job. Over a five month period from May to October, JDI Industrial Services was contracted to do 25 total jobs for this client.

Tasks Included

  • lighting and waterline replacements
  • maintenance on their packaging line
  • dryer repairs
  • concrete work
  • metal fabrication work


The process piping and electrical work allowed our client to start up a whole new machine line for their manufacturing. We also supplied additional support during the client’s shutdowns, and we were complimented on our ability to understand their processes, be proactive, and go above and beyond to deliver and keep the plant efficient.

The JDI team members who worked on this led the projects to completion, not just through hard work and expertise, but also by establishing relationships with the maintenance managers and employees at the company.

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