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Project Overview

This client originally had wooden stairs in a harsh weather environment that were used to access the monitor seepage wells on the dam. After replacing the stairs three times in 10 years, they began to look for a different option and called JDI.

Detailed Description

The client wanted a heavier, more solid stair structure that could withstand the wind, rain, and de-vegetation process. JDI proposed a custom-built galvanized steel stairway for the project and began to prepare plans to have our internal fabrication shop create the stair pieces.

Due to the regulations governing the integrity of the dam, drilled or cast foundations were not an option. This required the stair sections to be fabricated with adjustable supports to contour with the irregular surface of the dam. Because of the history of high winds affecting the stairs’ integrity, our fabrication team was tasked with making sure the stairs weighed at least 15,000 lbs. to withstand environmental factors.

Once fabrication was completed, the stairs were loaded and transported to the installation site on the dam with a crew of four with complete welding and rigging certifications. In partnership with Duke Energy, our team, along with their in-house crane operator, were able to place the stair sections as required and perform field placement and final welding.


The client representative expressed gratitude for the team’s work and stated that JDI had exceeded expectations on craftsmanship and timeliness, and they are looking forward to future partnerships with us.

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