Waste Stairs Fabrication & Erection Project

Phase I – Initial Structure Rigging and Lift-off

Phase II – Placing Main Structure, Rigging Stairs

Phase III – Fabricated Stair Set Final Placement

Project Overview

We’ve recently finished a new set of stairs for a waste area at an Upstate, SC manufacturer’s location. The client needed stairs for roof access so that they could service their RTUs (Rooftop Unit), something that was requiring a lot of risk and time due to the lack of safe access and the length of the plant.

To meet the demand for safe access, JDI was contracted to make a custom set of fabricated stairs within our fabrication shop. The stairway needed to be 16 ft tall, galvanized, have standard stair treads, handrails, mid-rails, and toe-kicks. After the fab shop created and made sure everything was to spec, we delivered the stair set in two pieces. Upon delivery, we then placed the set on the clients platform and got a telehandler to setup the stairs. Our on-site steel erection crew rigged and positioned the platform first, then prepped the base for drilling and installed the platform. After that the stairs were rigged and set onto the platform.

Once the stairs and platform were bolted together, we grouted concrete to the leveled platform base. Lastly, we ensured additional safety by core-drilling into the existing concrete dock and installing seven bollards around the platform, to protect it from the heavy bundle stacks and operations nearby.

Tasks Included

  • Welded & Galvanized All Stair Components In-House
  • Installed Pre-Fabricated Steel Package
  • Rigged All Parts with Certified Rigging Team & Telehandler
  • Grouted and created Concrete Base for Stairs & Platform
  • Installed & Painted Seven Bollards to Protect Stairs & Staff


The client was happy to have roof access on their waste dock located on the receiving end of their production because it allows them finally have close and safe access, reducing maintenance time and risk.

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